Welcome to the University of Glasgow’s Astronomy Society! We are a group of enthusiastic individuals, inviting people from all degree disciplines to join us in our interstellar journey. If you have any questions/concerns/cool facts please don’t hesitate to contact us.


About us

We host frequent guest lectures, observing nights, solar observing and social events, in addition to carrying out a schedule of public outreach events in collaboration with the School. Most of the events are held in the School of Physics and Astronomy’s facilities, but our membership is open to anyone. 

Whether you’re an astronomy student, or just interested in the universe around you, Astrosoc is the place to be.


Our next event is the Astrosoc’s Solar System Subcrawl on the 20th of February at 18.00. To celebrate our wonderful Solar System come and join us on our themed Subcrawl! Those who dare win as teams of 2-5 (minimum 50% must be Astrosoc members, membership is only £3 wink wink nudge nudge) compete in a series of challenges at each stop for a fabulous prize and eternal glory! See you all there!!

Find more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2036414616574628/

Our most exciting event coming up is the Star Gazing Camping Trip! It is going to be an amazing opportunity to enjoy stunning views of the night sky. Preliminary dates are 23-25th of March, so mark your calendars! More details will be available soon. Have a look at some photos from last year’s trip at the website’s gallery!



Membership of Glasgow University Astronomy Society is open to all. You don’t need to study astronomy, physics, or even a science to take advantage of our observing evenings, guest lectures, and social events.

 You can join Astrosoc at any of our events (just speak to a board member), at the Freshers Fair, or from a board member in the Student Library (that’s room 332 of the Kelvin Building) from 12pm to 2pm on weekdays.
Membership to Astrosoc is £3.
Joint membership with Physsoc is £5.


Meet the committee:



Hazel, who prefers to be called Hazey, is our beautiful President and has taken her time getting there. She was first year rep, secretary and social convener before achieving her dream of becoming president. Now she uses her kind, funny, sweet, crazy, outgoing, energetic personality to organise the best year for the society so far, even if she is just a maths student.

Cat - Photo.jpg

Hey Everyone! I’m Cat and I’m the Ordinary Committee Member of Astrosoc this year. I’m currently doing a PhD. I don’t really do anything else and essentially live in the Kelvin Building. I’m not sure what that says about me but I don’t think it’s good!

Favourite Planet – Venus – it’s inhospitableness due to ridiculously high temperatures and massive amounts of pressure on the surface, never mind the toxic atmosphere really speaks to me.




Hi, I’m Laurence and I’m the publicity officer for Astrosoc. I’m a first year PhD student at the Institute for Gravitational Research (working on the electromagnetic follow-up of binary neutron star mergers), and this is my third year on the wonderful Astrosoc committee!





I’m Freya, this year’s Observing Commander! I’m in charge of organising and running Astrosoc’s Observing Evenings at Acre Road Observatory, where we get full use of the university’s telescope dome for the night (so long as the Glaswegian weather plays along!). I’m currently in my second year of MSci Physics with Astrophysics, which is going well… if you don’t look at my maths grades! I’m also currently on my second attempt to get on TV with Glasgow’s University Challenge team, which should be interesting if nothing else!





Hey! My name is Kayleigh Gates and I’m the Social Convenor of astrosoc (I organise all the cool events). I am currently in my third year of a Theoretical Physics degree and loving it! In my spare time, I enjoy reading, doing jigsaws and binge-watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy!







Hey I’m Kirsten! I am the Treasurer of AstroSoc this year. Currently in 4th year of Physics with Astrophysics I am hoping to survive the next two years…







Helloo, my name is Mariangela but pls call me angie. I am second year representative and I study physics with astrophysics, i basically like everything that has to do with food and laughing😁




26695385_10208572150661422_420756864_oHi there, I’m Graeme. I’m in my 5th Year of an Astronomy and Physics degree and this year I’m the librarian – and resident book hoarder – for the society. Some of my hobbies : gaming, hillwalking, Netflix (yea it’s a hobby) Best moon: Enceladus, 10/10 Planet I like: Saturn, I put a ring on. Finally: Babe, if I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.




Hello, my name is Theodora and this is my first year in AstroSoc. I am the webmaster and I am in my 4th year of Physics with Astrophysics. I love music, traveling and of course space!


If you have any queries please feel free to contact us through this page or you can pop into the Kelvin building room 332 to chat to us in person.