Welcome to the University of Glasgow’s Astronomy Society! We are a group of enthusiastic individuals, inviting people from all degree disciplines to join us in our interstellar journey. If you have any questions/concerns/cool facts please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About us

We host frequent guest lectures, observing nights, solar observing and social events, in addition to carrying out a schedule of public outreach events in collaboration with the School. Most of the events are held in the School of Physics and Astronomy’s facilities, but our membership is open to anyone. 

Whether you’re an astronomy student, or just interested in the universe around you, Astrosoc is the place to be.


No events planned but keep an eye on this page and Facebook for future events!


Membership of Glasgow University Astronomy Society is open to all. You don’t need to study astronomy, physics, or even a science to take advantage of our observing evenings, guest lectures, and social events.

 You can join Astrosoc at any of our events (just speak to a board member), at the Freshers Fair, or from a board member in the Student Library (that’s room 332 of the Kelvin Building) from 1pm to 2pm on weekdays.
Membership to Astrosoc is £3.
Joint membership with Physsoc is £5.


Meet the committee:

Zak - Photo.jpg

I’m Zak, the current President of AstroSoc. This is my second year on the committee, after I was Observing Commander last year. Outside of AstroSoc, I sepnd most of my time crying over my masters project, and outside of that I spend my time building my DVD collection, building my NERF blaster collection, and trying not to think about my masters project.

Cat - Photo.jpg

Hey Everyone! I’m Cat and I’m the Secretary of Astrosoc this year. I’m a fourth year Physics student with tentative plans to do a PhD. I don’t really do anything else and essentially live in the Kelvin Building. I’m not sure what that says about me but I don’t think it’s good!

Favourite Planet – Venus – it’s inhospitableness due to ridiculously high temperatures and massive amounts of pressure on the surface, never mind the toxic atmosphere really speaks to me.


Hi! I’m Laurence and I’m the Ordinary Committee Member for Astrosoc this year.

I’m currently a postgraduate research student at the Institute for Gravitational Research, feel free to ask me about it!


Hey I’m Kirsten! I’m new to Astrosoc this year, joining as webmaster. Currently in 3rd year of Physics with Astrophysics I am hoping to survive the next three years…




This page is currently being improved, sorry for the inconvenience! In the meantime, head over to our Facebook page to check out our gallery 🙂


If you have any queries please feel free to contact us through this page or you can pop into the Kelvin building room 332 to chat to us in person.