Welcome to the University of Glasgow’s Astronomy Society! We are a group of enthusiastic individuals, inviting people from all degree disciplines to join us. If you have any questions/concerns/cool facts please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About us

We host frequent guest lectures, observing nights, solar observing and social events, in addition to carrying out a schedule of public outreach events in collaboration with the School. Most of the events are held in the School of Physics and Astronomy’s facilities, but our membership is open to anyone.


We run (Glasgow weather permitting) observing evenings at Acre Road Observatory, Socials, Lectures and our annual camping trip to Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park.

All our events are posted on our facebook page, so make sure you give us a follow to keep up to date!


Membership of Glasgow University Astronomy Society is open to all. You don’t need to study astronomy, physics, or even a science to take advantage of our observing evenings, guest lectures, and social events. You can join Astrosoc at any of our events (just speak to a committee member), at the Freshers Fair, or from a board member in the Student Library (that’s room 332 of the Kelvin Building) from 12pm to 2pm on weekdays. We also do online registration, which can be done by filling out this form (https://forms.gle/9KZbL2VxyceLSzyeA). Please note the paypal is not active at this time (it will be soon!).


Meet the committee (2021/2022):

Hey there lovely people! My name is Uzume and I am very honoured to be this year’s President of Astrosoc. This is my third year as a member of Astrosoc, and I have loved every second. We are in for a very exciting year, with a fantastic bunch of events planned, including socials and academic talks. We are always looking forward to extending our Astrosoc family and hope to see you join!

Hello everybody! My name is John McLarty and I am a third year student studying Astronomy and Physics and I am also Treasurer for the Glasgow University Astronomy Society. Last year, I had a blast working with Astrosoc as second year representative and was welcomed into the society with open arms! This year, I am Treasurer which means I finance and record the spending of the society with events and merchandise! Working with this society has been amazing and I look forward to another amazing year with an incredible team behind it!

Hey! I’m Melzie, and I’m a third year Physics and Astronomy student at the University. I’m the secretary for the Astronomy Society, which means I do administrative tasks. I look forward to putting together loads of events for you during the year!

Hii there! I’m Sai Aravind and I’m a PGT Astrophysics Student at the University. I’m the Observing Convenor of the AstroSoc. I’m looking forward for an amazing year with the highly energetic and enthusiastic team!

Hey! I’m Naomi, and I’m the currently in my 5th (and final!) year of my Physics and Astronomy degree. I’m currently the interim Social Secretary and the Librarian of Astrosoc, which means I spend my time planning socials and organising the books (which you are free to borrow) in room 332 of the Kelvin building. I’ve been on the committee for 4 years, and was president last year, so if you have any questions about joining a society or uni life in general, feel free to message the Astrosoc Facebook page or send us an email!

Hello fellow humans! My name is Danai and I am a first-year Astronomy student. I am also the First Year Representative for the Glasgow University Astronomy Society, so I will be informing fellow first years of our events in the future. I am very excited to be a part of organizing events this year.

Hello Everyone! I’m Nour, I am doing a 1-year MSc in Astrophysics. I am an organising member of the Astronomy society at the University of Glasgow. I look forward to having great experiences and events with the society. This is my first year in Glasgow, and I am very excited to have a great time.


If you have any queries please feel free to contact us through this page or you can pop into the Kelvin building room 332 to chat to us in person.